Collector series - Simpsons

DSCF5975  Krusty and Bart painted resin DSCF5983  Krusty the Clown painted resin DSCF4816  Krusty the Clown clay DSCF4807  Krusty and Homer clays
DSCF2567  Homer painted resin DSCF2574  Homer painted resin DSCF3130  Homer and Marge clays DSCF3145  Homer and Ned Flanders clays
DSCF3150  Simpsons clays DSCF3364  Homer and Apu clays DSCF3704  Apu clay DSCF3657  Mr Burns clay
DSCF3661  Mr Burns clay DSCF3524  Mr Burns clay detail DSCF3683  Ned Flanders clay DSCF3691  Simpsons clays
DSCF4285  Marge and Maggie painted resin DSCF4294  Marge and Maggie painted resin detail DSCF4194  Marge and Maggie clay detail DSCF4251  Marge and Maggie clay detail
DSCF5514  Comic Book Guy clay DSCF5515  Comic Book Guy clay DSCF6010  Bart painted resin DSCF3538  Lisa painted resin
DSCF1983  Lisa and Homer clays